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Episode 30 - Smashing the Plateau with David Shriner-Cahn

Episode Summary

Joining Scott Mason in this episode of the Purpose Highway Podcast is David Shriner-Cahn. Let’s hear from David as he talks about his career’s journey and how he overcame the end of an era in his life and starting anew - from being a chemical engineer, to a non-profit leader then seeing it all end before his very eyes and finding himself in the perfect position and being featured by the two of world’s most recognized media channels.

Episode Notes

David Shriner-Cahn is the host of the Forbes and Inc Magazine-featured podcast - Smashing the Plateau. He is also the Founder and President of TEND Strategic Partners, a community he started in 2006 that is dedicated to entrepreneurs who seek like-minded individuals to form a solid support system. 

Following a long career as an employee, David began his career as a chemical engineer and later on transitioned into the nonprofit sector where he assumed leadership and management roles for many years. After taking the reins and running his own business, he came to a realization that there’s still so much for him to learn about how to be a successful entrepreneur. He also found out that being in that journey of establishing your own business and yourself can be quite lonely but it all changed when he started to gain knowledge and found a way to be around supportive co-entrepreneurs. 

David launched the podcast Smashing the Plateau in 2014 to serve as a platform for entrepreneurs who are striving for long-term success to share their stories, experiences and strategies. To date, the podcast has over hundreds of episodes and addresses a wide variety of topics and challenges faced everyday by entrepreneurs. And in 2019, he launched another podcast - Going Solo that’s dedicated to disseminating strategies shared by highly-skilled professionals to establish a business of their own, especially after experiencing a late career job loss. 

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