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S2 Episode 24 - On The Precipice: Ethics For A Changed World with Christopher K. Gilbert, Ph.D

Episode Summary

In this episode of the Purpose Highway Podcast, Scott Mason talks to Christopher Gilbert, PhD. He is an ethics consultant at NobleEdge Consulting, speaker, and author of The Noble Edge: Reclaiming an Ethical World One Choice at a Time. In this first of a two-part episode, Scott and Christopher take us to an in-depth and insightful discussion on the complex topics of morality and ethics. The implications of the discussion range from from the personal, the political, and even the societal. Christopher talks about how deciding whether a certain choice may or may not be ethical may not necessarily be cut and dry, and how systemic problems may force individuals to view unethical choices as necessary. Despite the dilemma of deciding which choices are ethical and unethical, Christopher leaves us with a positive, if not hopeful thought: that innately, we all want to advance civilization. Despite cultural and political differences, people generally want a better world for the present and future generations to enjoy.

Episode Notes



Christopher: "The best way to think morality is that it is the guidelines, the guideposts that tell us in our cultures, in our groups, in our families what's right and what's wrong. Ethics are the actions that we take after we evaluate that set of standards that we're using."

Christopher: "As our capacities as individuals and societies grow, we find that the old paradigms no longer answer the new questions."

Scott: "I was thinking we should never be relying on institutions at all to provide ethical guidance. After all, as you seem to point towards in the book, ethical decision making is an individual choice where we have to struggle with and take upon ourselves the challenge of wrestling with these situations that we face and coming up with decisions for our own."

Christopher: "It's all the little choices we make that build up to the largest offenses." 

Christopher: "If we put ethics in the perspective of good and evil, I think we miss out on the idea that all of us are in this continuum and sometimes I make higher nature choices, and sometimes I make lower nature choices."

Christopher: The idea of building trust with others goes to the most fundamental roots of the way that we work with one another even in a world where people don't believe in four-way stop signs.

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