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S2 Episode 4 - The Future of Ethics: Old Codes for a New World

Episode Summary

Joining Scott Mason in this episode of the Purpose Highway Podcast is Yonason Goldson, Director of Ethical Imperatives, LLC and community rabbi. He discusses that the field of ethics is rarely black and white. Through the gray area of ethics, Yonason also explains how systems can be changed with personal choices. Ethics can also be seen through a historical lens. Yonason shares how ancient rabbinic wisdom can be applied to the modern secular world. There is value in revisiting the past as those who control it control the future. Yonason is the author of 5 books, including Grappling With The Gray: An Ethical Handbook for Personal Success and Business Prosperity. He is a celebrated TEDx keynote speaker and has authored hundreds of articles on ethics, communication, and personal responsibility.

Episode Notes


04:15 Trust in the ethics of politics, businesses, and religion is at an all-time low

11:42 Yonason learns his Jewish roots in Israel

17:37 Does living an ethical life mean doing what's hard? 

23:56 The Socratic method and learning new lessons from students

29:37 The future is shaped into goodness with hope

33:35 Lessons from the past: How ancient wisdom remains relevant in the modern world

36:48 Integrity leads to happier lives and better business 

42:37 Defining ethical moments require you to take accountability for yourself 


06:26 "When we take responsibility for our personal ethics, what we do is we make it easier for other people to trust us. And that creates a healthy society, healthy community, healthy business."

09:52 "What's the definition of a good person? Someone who's trying to be a better person. And if we would take that to heart, I can't change the world right now but I can change me."

11:29 "A mistake is an opportunity to learn. A mistake is an opportunity to recognize how to do better next time. And that's the key to a successful life and a happy life."

47:51 "There's no app for being ethical. We're dealing with competing levels of values, competing principles, and sometimes it gets really messy and really uncomfortable."

48:10 "It's hard to do the right thing. If it were easy, we would all do it. And part of the reason it's hard is because it's not always easy to know what the right thing to do is."

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